|   Biodegradable Resin Products

It is an eco-friendly product made of biodegradable materials that is 100% decomposed in the natural ecosystem, and 100% decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms when buried. It is then separated and disposed of as general waste. In addition, it refers the product that prevents environmental pollution and destruction of the ecosystem by not generating harmful substances such as dioxin, lead, cadmium, zinc, and mercury, which are typical carcinogens during incineration, or occurring below the acceptable emission standard.

|   Biomass Resin Products

Biomass is a concept representing the mass of biological resources and can be obtained by utilizing organic resources, which are derived from various organism and not depleted as long as life and sun exist. Biomass products are not biodegradable, but the products are resource-saving and recyclable. Thus, it is an eco-friendly product that also reduce carbon and harmful substances and prevent environment pollution.

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