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We, Seonjin Innotech Co., Ltd, extend our deep gratitude to those who have shown consistent interest in and encouragement to our company to date. Since its establishment in 1993, Seonjin Innotech Co., Ltd has been sharing its history with the development of the domestic packaging industry based on our accumulated competence and experience. With continuous research and development efforts to meet client needs, we strived to diversify our product and line of business, turning crisis into opportunities by proactively responding to constant changes in the internal and external business environment, so that we not only go one step further from general plastic bags but also have a huge achievement such as establishing mass production system of eco-friendly products, commercializing biodegradable and biomass products and supplying them to domestic and oversea markets. In order to be reborn as an eco-friendly manufacturer by concentrating on all capabilities, we will do our best to become a company where everyone grows together and a company that prioritizes customer value and the importance of our environment. All executives and employees of Seonjin Innotech., Ltd

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